“Fernando Arrabal”, Italy, documentary, 2019, RED, color.


“RomaAmor”, Italy, video art, 2019, RED, color 2’, for the city of Roma.


“NRIU – Geniusloci”, Italy, video art, 2019, RED, color, 2’, for the city of Roma.


“Galeazzo Nardini”, Italy, video art, 2018, super 8, color, 51’’.


“Gaga”, Italy, feature film, 2017, RED, color, 12’. It won the Mibact Migrarti cinema 2017. The film was selected at the 74th Venice Film Festival and acquired by RAI Cinema.


“Vivere all’italiana”, Italy, commercial, 2017, RED, color, 5’, Italian Cultural Institutes in the world for the campaign of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs #vivereallitaliana.


"Purification day", Italy, video art, 2017, RED, 4'.


“Via della Poesia”, Italy, documentary, 2017, RED, 7’.


 “Le Guerre Horrende – The Awful Wars”, Italy, feature film, 2016, RED, color / bw, 76’. The film has gained national cultural interest and the economic contribution of MIBACT the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism - Directorate-General for Cinema.

It won, during the 73th Venice Film Festival, the Leone di Vetro. It had a nomination as best movie at MIFF awards 2017 and it was selected in other international festivals. The movie worldwide premiere was in 2017 at the Shanghai International Film Festival. In Italy it has been theatrically distributed.


“Barilla – Love Life, Love Pasta”, Italy, commercial, 2015, Red Epic, colore, 60’’.


“BMW stories”, Italy, commercial, 2015, RED, color, 60’’.


“Ciclò”, Italy, commercial for  Agon Channel, 2015, RED, color, 60’’.


“Kijiji - Google”,  Italy, commercial for Agon Channel, 2015, RED, color, 60’’.


“Friskies – Purina” Italy, commercial, 2015, RED, color, 45”.


XIII International Congress European Society of Hypnosis – Sorrento, Italy, 2015, HD, color, 37 hours.


“Holiday ”, Italy, teaser, 2015, Blackmagic camera, color, 4’, screened at 72th Venice Film Festival – Spazio La Biennale.


“Benetton – Fabrica”, Italy, commercial, 2014, RED, color, 1’ 10”.


“Intuition – A meditative art performance”, Italy, video art, 2014, RED, color, 3’.


"Ritual – A psychomagic story", Italy, feature film, 2013, RED, color, 95’, with the participation of the legendary Chilean director and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky is a mix between Jodorowsky's psychomagic and popular legends and traditions from the Italian region of Venezia. It has been presented and selected at various international festivals including: 70th Venice Film Festival, Pifan South Korea, Fantasia Montreal, Copenhagen Pix, Uruguay film festival, Inventa un film, Sugarcon, London, Oporto, Alcances Atlantic film festival, Dallas Video Fest.

In Italy it was in theatres with a critical and audience success. It is distributed in dvd by CG Entertainment and is located on various video on demand platforms including Apple Itunes and Google Play. It's in Netflix in Japan. The film was also sold in Australia, Taiwan, Germany, England, Sweden, Denmark.


“Mood 2013”, Italy, commercial, 2013, RED, color, 57”.


“Sex machine”, Italy, video art, 2013, RED, color, 1’ 43”.


“Shady lake”, Italy, video art, 2013, RED, color, 1’ 13”.


“Vampires”, Italy, commercial, 2012, RED, color, 1' 14”, for “La Stampa”.


“Moby - Be the One”, Italy, video clip, 2011, RED, color, 3' 30”.


“Unravel”, Italy, commercial, 2011, RED, color, 13”.


“Il sorpasso”, Italy, commercial, 2011, RED, color, 41”.


“Unravel Black”, Italy, commercial, 2011, RED, color, 1’ 14”.


“Reminder”, Italy, commercial, 2011, color, for Save the Children.


“Bianca's Trip”, Italy, short film, 2010, RED, B/W, 1' 30”,  selected at 64th edition of Festival de Cannes.


"The Message", Italy, short film, 2009, RED, color, 5', selected at 63th edition of Festival de Cannes, Filmaka 2010, Salento Finibus Terrae 2010, International ShortFilm Festival Detmold 2010.


“Santa Corona”, Italy, documentary, 2009, RED, color, 20’, produced by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Diocesan Museum and the town of Vicenza.


"Libido", Italy, short film, 2009, RED, color, 5’,  winner of the 4K Challenge, Audience Award, Los Angeles.


"Nokia Trends Lab", Italy, 2008, HD, color, 5’, produced by MTV.


"Dreams", Italy, commercial of Alfa-Romeo Mito, 2008, RED, color, 1', winner MTV / Qoob contest, screened in major European capitals to launch the car.


 "Get Together", Italy, commercial of Armani Parfume, 2008, RED, color,



"Last Love Parade", Italy, book trailer, 2007, HD, color, 1'

Book Trailer of the book of Marco Mancassola "Last Love Parade" ed. Mondadori produced by the Ministry for Youth Policies and Sports, the town of Vicenza.



"Ophelia's Song", Italy, video clip, 2007, HD, color, 5’, videos in rotation on Allmusic, MTV, Matchmusic.


"Consegne Pasquali", Italy, short film, 2007, HD, color, 5’, produced by Sky Cinema.


"Usman torna a casa" - "Usman goes home", Italy – India, short film,

2006, HD, color, 8’.


"Mangia sano, vivi meglio" - "Eat Healthy, Live Better" Italy, short film, 2006, HD, color, 5', winner of Video Arena, Bologna.


"Nessuno escluso" Italy, electoral advertisement, 2006, HD, color / black and white, 2'.


"Din Don Down", Italy, documentary, 2006, 25’, color / bw, 16mm/super8/DV, selected at Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Inventa un film.


"4ever young", Italy, art movie, 2005, color, DV, 4 '45'', selected at, 2006 Cinema Méditerranéen Montpellier, 2006 Milano Film Festival, 2006 Biennale Adriatica di Arti Nuove, San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), 2006 Special Mention Cortìcortò in Arte (VI), 2006 screened at Opera Estate Festival, Palazzo Agostinelli, Bassano del Grappa (VI), 2005 Screened at the Italian Pavilion by Philippe d'Averio,  former church of San Gallo, San Marco, Venice.


"L’Inganno", Italy, short movie, 2006, Hd, color, 4’.


"Produci, Consuma, Crepa" - "Produce, Consume, Die", Italy, art movie, 2005, color, 16mm, 3’ 24''.


"Himba", Italy, documentary, 2005, color, HD, 25’.


"Al mio Demone Cieco", Italy, art movie, 2005, color, DV, 6 '11''.


Video installation "Human Communication -  the (im)possibility of communication," Italy, 2005, computer graphics, 5 '22'', screened at 2006 National Modern Art Musium of Romania, Opening Opera Estate Festival 2005, Castle of Ezzelini, Bassano del Grappa (VI), 2005 screened at the Italian Pavilion by Philippe d'Averio, former church of San Gallo, San Marco, Venice.


"Bada Shanren and Albrecht Dürer, Italy, computer graphics, 2005, 2' 15'', screened at 2005 Former Chapel dell’Angelo Bassano del Grappa (VI).


"Spacetrip # 1", Italy, computer graphic, 2005, 53'', screened at the Italian Pavilon by Philippe d'Averio, former church of San Gallo, San Marco, Venice, Cobra Vision, England.


"Sleep", Italy, computer graphics, 2005, 6', exhibited at the 2005 Italian Pavilion by Philippe d'Averio, former church of San Gallo, San Marco, Venice.


"Trivellato Mercedes Benz", Italy, commercial, 2005, color, HDV, 1' 7''.


"Le belle statuine", Italy, short film, 2005, color, super 8, 3'.


"The Range", Italy, 2005, color, HDV, 12'.


"Bowne", Italy, meeting video, 2005, color, DV, 18'.


"Salomé delle Tempeste”, Italy, video performance, 2004, color, DV, 50’.


"Circle of Perfection", Italy, video clip, 2004, HDV, 4'.


"The game of war", Spain, short film, 2004, color, 16 mm, 4', it opens the third edition of "The 25th Hour" on La 7, selected at Malescorto Maleskids, Reggio Film Festival, Ecovision Festival (Palermo), Milan Film Festival, Sulmona film festival.


“Chrysallis”, Italy, video art, 2003, color, DV / Super 8, 1’ 30’’,  selected at Bergamo Film Festival, Milano Film Festival, Cinecittà Internet Film Festival, broadcasted for the Wind.


"Il Caro Estinto", Italy, 2003, color, DV, 5 '30', finalist in numerous Italian and international festivals including Clermont-Ferrand and Expression en corto (Mexico), purchased for broadcast in the television network PBS in the United States and Canada, bought from the Mexican Canal 22 TV network for broadcast in Latin America.


"Breil watches”, Italy, backstage, 2003, DV, 1 '59''.


"Junk", Italy, short film, 2003, color, DV, 1'.


"The Progress", Italy, video clip, 2003, color, DV, 3 '30''.


"The Boxer", Italy, short film, 2002, color, DV, 2'.


"Sepuku”, Italy, short film, 2002, color, DV, 3'.


"L’Untore", Italy, 2002, bw, DV, 2'', selected at Internet Cinecittà Film Festival.


"Crisis", Italy, videoclip, 2001, color, DV, 4 '30''.


“Due Pezzi Pazzi”, Italy, short film, 2002, DV, 5’, winners of  Nickelodeon,

Sulmona film festival, Morbegno film festival, Corto Fiction, ConcorsoFilm, Cortìcortò, LʼInvasione degli Ultracorti, Prima Aziz, Concorto, and selected at Visioni Italiane Sguardi Altrove, N.i.f.f., Festival internazionale del Corto in Sabina - Premio Nanni Loy, Cercacultura.


"Xure, Italy, short film, 2001, B / W, DV, 7 ', L’Invasione degli Ultracorti Film Festival.


"Lo Spirito nel Guscio", Italy, documentary, 2001, color, DV, 30'.


"One Kiss", U.S.A., short film, 2000, color, 16mm, 5'.


"Lucky Guy", U.S.A., short film, 2000, bw, 16mm, 3’.


"Why did Samo go mad?", USA, short film, 2000, color, DV, 12'.

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